Monday, November 18, 2013

Preparation for the weekend

I just finalized my plans to go up to North Georgia to visit Young Harris college on their visitation day and then go to a concert!  As much fun as that will be, I am much more excited about the fishing I am going to do!   My best friend, Austin, and I got a cabin on a lake for the weekend so we will definitely be doing some lake fishing and take a drive into the mountains for a little trout action!  I decided that I should prepare my tackle for the weekend.  My mom let me know that I am going to receive my very first fly rod/reel for the occasion! I am beyond excited!  I drove out to Bass Pro over the weekend and bought a fly box and stocked it with some of the necessary flies I might need!

I got a few nymphs such as some prince nymphs, hare's ears, pheasant tails, copper johns.  I added a few midges and some y2k's and San Juan worms. Then I spiced things up with a few BWO's (blue wing olive), Adams, stimulators, and a sulfur. This should get me through the weekend without a problem!

I defiantly can't wait to get net a nice north Georgia rainbow!  Hopefully I can fish on the lake and maybe catch some bass on the streamers! I'll make a post about the results next week.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slow day at Settles Bridge

Its always a good day when you can go fly fishing! Today I decided to change things up a bit and go to a new location! After fishing at my normal spot for an hour, I thought i should pick up my buddy, Austin, and go to a spot called Settles Bridge. I was surprised about how nice the area was. There were tons of rock outcroppings and trails that I found with great access for some trout fishing. It looked like a prime location to drift some nymphs but of all things, nymphs were the one thing we did not have!  I didnt let that stop me. I found a nice olive woolly bugger and decided to give it a try. After about an hour and a half fishing with no luck, we decided to call it a day. Although we got skunked, I had a blast just being on the river! 
I definatley will be fishing this spot more often when I get a fly rod and all the proper flies! I've learned that in the winter, trout really don't have a desire for spinners.  I guess I will have to be patient until I find that aggressive trout I am searching for.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Plans

My excitement for the thanksgiving break reached an all time high yesterday.  I found out that I am going to Asheville, NC for the break!  Asheville is known for its phenomenal trout fishing. Hopefully I will be doing quite a bit of fishing!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun in North Georgia

Driving up to see Young Harris College was not easy! Almost every turn I made there was a beautiful trout stream that was just begging to be fished! Thankfully my patience paid off!

Young Harris is located in North Georgia near Hiawassee.  It is a beautiful small college that really grabbed my attention the moment I stepped on campus! I definatley will be considering YHU for the fall of next year. 

On my way home i saw a sign that read, "smoked rainbow trout", and I immediately turned onto the gravel road! I parked and walked over to the general store that was selling the smoked trout but before I could purchase any of the deliciousness, my eye caught sight of a river right behind the store! I walked outside and looked down into the water. The first thing i see is about 10 to 15 rainbow trout hanging out in a small pool.  But they weren't just any rainbow trout, they were all massive trout! Some were pushing 25 inches! I ran to my car and grabbed my spinning rod equipped with a yellow speckled 1/16th ounce Panther Martin. I made my first cast and immediately had a fish on. Within seconds he had managed to thrash himself off the lure.  Adrenaline pumping, i made my second cast and hooked up with a beautiful rainbow that definatley lacked in the size department.
In the moment I was disapointed with the fish because of the potential pigs that were waiting beneath the waters but now I am thankful for the little guy! He was my first north georgia rainbow trout!  After releasing him back into the stream, I made another cast. Within seconds of the lure hitting the water, a 24 inch rainbow grabbed my lure and it was game on! It was short lived though because my 1/16th spinner was way to small for his massive jaws! He thrashed persistantley.  Then my line went slack and my heart sunk! I just lost what would have been my largest trout to date, right next to my 20 inch bull trout i managed to snag in Glacier National Park this past summer.  Although im definatley disapointed I didn't land the lunker, I am so excited about catching my first north georgia trout! 

The experience of catching a wild rainbow in the heart of the north georgia mountains was unforgettable.  I cant wait to come in the fall and begin my life long journey of fly fishing.   

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Big Three

After about 6 months of heavy fishing on the hooch, i finally did it. I've caught every species of trout in the Chattahoochee River!  

Rainbow Trout:

Brown Trout:

Brook Trout:


This past sunday, I went on my very first fly fishing trip! My buddy Ryan and I got out the waders and went at it! It was a slow day in the Chattahoochee but nonetheless it was gorgeous outside. We fished nymphs for the majority of the trip but because we weren't getting any strikes we tried out a woolly bugger.  We didn't catch any fish but I had the time of my life! If I wasn't already in love with fly fishing, i sure am now!  

A new beginning

As fall ends and winter begins, i sit here with a lot on my mind. College acceptances are rolling in and the stress builds. Im about to begin a new chapter in my life. Although college will be a huge transition, that isn't the change i am talking about. I recently picked up the beautiful art of fly fishing! After watching a video on fly fishing, I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, i do not have a rod or reel. My moms boss gave me all his fly fishing stuff (rod, reel, waders, vest, boots, flies, ect.) but I cant have it all until Christmas. I've had to rely on my buddies to take me fly fishing and teach me all the basics. I've been a big trout fisherman for about a year now but I've been using spinners and salmon eggs to catch all my fish! Now my heart has found fly fishing and all I've wanted to do is share my new passion to everyone! I hope I can find some time to fly fish this weekend but until Christmas, I guess ill just have to stick to spinners.